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Southern Barbarian BVNGO Exchange Hall

 The Nanban BVNGO (Bungo) Exchange Center is a facility that introduces the Otomo Clan ruins and the achievements of Otomo Munorin through ingenious displays and powerful videos, based on the concept of a facility that allows visitors to experience the era in which ”Munorin lived”.

The museum is divided into two sections.  The museum is divided into the "Exchange Zone," "History Zone," "Theater Zone," "Tea Ceremony Zone," and "Garden Deck. Visitors can watch videos to learn about Otomo Sorin and the Otomo Clan ruins, and take photos wearing costumes of the time.

Area Oita City
Genre Museums
Location 3-2-45, Kentoku-Town, Oita City, Oita Prefecture, 870-0025, Japan
HP http://www.city.oita.oita.jp/o204/bunkasports/rekishi/koryukan/top.html
Access About 15 minutes on foot from JR Oita Station. About 15 minutes by car from Oita IC
Parking Yes
Contact Nanban BVNGO Exchange Hall
TEL: 097-578-9191

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