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Art spots in the prefecture・
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Introducing art spots in Oita, Beppu, Yufuin, and Kunisaki. With discount coupons!

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Encounter the masters' works and enjoy Artistic Spaces through "Architectural Tourism"

Oita Prefecture is like an "architecture museum." There are many buildings scattered throughout Oita prefecture that was built by Japan's world-famous architects, including Kingo Tatsuno (1854-1919), who is known as the "father of modern architecture in Japan," and Arata Isozaki (1931-), a world-famous architect who was born in Oita prefecture. The architecture of Oita Prefecture continues to be loved by many people as a symbol of the city, attracting tourists from all over the world.What is the appeal of these architectural works?Experience an artistic space where light, shadow, wind, and sound are woven together.

Experience Oita Through
“Bamboo Tourism”

The design adorning the facade of the Oita Prefectural Art Museum features a traditional bamboo craft pattern called yotsume kuzushi (“four-eyed simplified”)
In Oita Prefecture, the top producer of bamboo in Japan, Beppu bamboo craft evolved as tools and souvenirs for those visiting Beppu Hot Springs, one of Japan’s premier hot spring resorts since antiquity. Among the artisans devoted to this craft in Beppu eventually emerged Shounsai Shono, the first bamboo craftsman to become a Living National Treasure. The prefecture is now home to internationally renowned bamboo artisans who use bamboo in everything from crafts to high-end flower baskets, architecture, and modern art.

The distinctive sculptural beauty of bamboo crafts made from invigorating bamboo forests. Works of art brimming with an aesthetic and sensibility unique to Japan delight the eyes at a place where you can meet bamboo artisans and participate in workshops.
High-resolution images let you take time to enjoy bamboo crafts interwoven with the culture and history of Oita Prefecture.

Experience Oita Through “Bamboo Tourism”

Explore music, contemporary art, and Buddhist art in the Beppu and Kunisaki areas

Beppu City, which boasts the largest number and water volume of hot springs in Japan, has many festivals and events such as the "MUSIC FESTIVAL Argerich's Meeting Point in Beppu" with Martha Argerich, the world's greatest pianist, as its director. It also has the annual art events "in BEPPU" and "Beppu Art Month," where world-famous artists present their works. On the Kunisaki Peninsula, adjacent to Beppu City, recognized as a Japanese heritage, has flourished the Buddhist culture since ancient times. Many historical sites and cultural assets carry on its prosperity to the present. Several contemporary artworks have been set up in the area since the "Kunisaki Peninsula Art Festival" held in 2014. Why not take a trip to explore music, contemporary art, and Buddhist art?