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About Handling of Personal Information

OITA Art&Culture collects, uses, provides, and manages personal information under theOita Prefecture Personal Information Protection Law Enforcement Law Enforcement Ordinance (PDF file / 108KB)and handles them properly as follows.

What is Personal Information?

Personal information is about individual information, such as an address, name, e-mail address, etc., that is provided to Oita Prefecture through this website, which can identify a specific individual.

(Scope of Personal Information to be Collected)
When we collect personal information through this website, we shall clarify the handling purpose and collect it within the necessary scope.

Limitation of use or provision

We shall not use the collected personal information other than the purpose of administration or provided to Oita Prefecture only unless otherwise provided by law or ordinance or for any other special reason.

Proper Management

We shall take measures to prevent leaked, lost, or damaged personal information collected and ensure its safety. In addition, we shall promptly and securely dispose or delete personal information that is no longer required to be retained.