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Oita City Kaibu Ancient Cemetery Museum

 The Kaifu Tumulus Museum is a guidance facility adjacent to the Kamezuka Tumulus (designated as a national historic site), which was built in the early 5th century and is the largest anterior-posterior round tomb in the prefecture.

 The museum is composed of seven major zones. In addition to the actual materials of the Onose stone coffin (a prefecturally designated tangible cultural property) and reproductions of ironware and other items, the museum displays Kyushu's largest diorama, which recreates the making of the burial mounds and the life of the villages of Kaifu, and a reconstructed model of the burial mounds that existed in the city. In addition, the museum uses video to allow visitors to enjoy and learn about the city's historical sites and cultural assets.

Area Oita City
Genre Museums
Location Oita, Japan 870-0303
646-1, Oaza-Sato, Oita City, Oita Prefecture
HP http://www.city.oita.oita.jp/o204/bunkasports/rekishi/1014947779619.html
Access About 40 minutes on foot from JR Sakanoichi Station
. 15 minutes by car from Miyakochi IC
Parking Yes
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