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Mori Kōsan Memorial Hall

This facility introduces the achievements of Mouri Kuuso, a respected educator who was active from the Edo period to the Meiji period.
The Mori Kuuso Memorial Museum consists of three facilities: the Chirai-kan, the Tenshodo, and the Relics Hall. Visitors can tour the buildings of the private school and private home that Kuuso opened, and the museum displays historical documents and literature from Kuuso's writings and poetry, as well as relics such as daily necessities.

Area Oita City
Genre Museums
Location Oita, Japan 870-0106 381-1, Tsurusaki, Oita City, Oita Prefecture, Japan
HP https://www.city.oita.oita.jp/o204/bunkasports/facility/mouri/mourimuseum.html
Access About 15 minutes walk from JR Tsurusaki Station.
Parking Yes
Contact Mori Kōsan Memorial Hall
TEL: 097-521-4893

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