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2020.09.20 Traditional performing arts (Kagura)

Asakusa-ryu Kurosho Kagura and Shonaihara Kagura|135th General Performance of Kagura Hall

Date September 20, 2020 (Sun)
venue Kagura Hall


Asakusa-ryu Kuro-Matsu Kagura is a Kagura troupe belonging to Kuro-Matsu Aso Shrine in Inukai-cho.

It is said to have been handed down from Kawakita in Ono-cho about 150 years ago, and has been active in a wide range of activities since ancient times, including a dedication in Tokyo in 1902.

In addition to the nimbleness and speed that are the traditional characteristics of the Asakusa style, they believe in the splendor of the dance, and excel at a dance that combines the bravery and beauty that is typical of Ohno-style Iwato Kagura.

The Shonaibara Kagura Preservation Society is a Shonaibara Kagura in Yufu City that has a record of "dedication of Kagura by the shrine family shudan in 1778. It was started in its current form in the early Meiji era, when a group of ordinary Ujiko (shrine parishioners) organized a group of like-minded Kagura dancers, and it was handed down from the birthplace of Ohno-kei Iwato Kagura, continuing the Asakusa style.

The Shonaihara Kagura Preservation Society, which inherits the Kagura of the Shonai area, was founded in 1927 as the Obara Kagura-za and became the Shonaihara Kagura Preservation Society in 1976. It is a highly entertaining form of kagura that incorporates the strengths of Izumo kagura, and is popular for its brave and sometimes humorous dances performed at a relatively fast tempo.

In Bungo-Ono City, many intangible cultural assets such as Kagura and Shishimai have been handed down. Performances are held regularly in the halls of Kagura Kaikan, the center of traditional performing arts, and visitors can enjoy the world of Shinto from a distance where they can feel the breath of the dancers.             

Of the four acts in the program, this site includes Act II and Act III.


Act 2: Kikenjo, Shonaihara Kagura Preservation Society

Act 3: Tsunatake, Asakusa-style Kurosho Kagura


Asakusa-ryu Kurosho Kagura
Shonaihara Kagura Preservation Society

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