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2021.03.31 Brass Band, Jazz

Swing Echoes Jazz Orchestra|The 30th Regular Concert of Swing Echoes Jazz Orchestra "Close To You

Date February 13, 2021 (Sat)
venue iichiko Oto no Izumi Hall, iichiko Sogo Bunka Center


The Swing Echoes Jazz Orchestra was formed in 1967 by amateur performers from within the prefecture. The orchestra has been rehearsing once a week since the beginning, and has been actively performing live concert activities, including regular concerts once a year since 1991, as well as many events and exchanges with the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake through music.

This year's concert, the 30th of its kind, featured vocalist Chromie as the main guest and a collaboration with Echoes Sound.
In this site, we have filmed, recorded and edited from the entire program (including the first part Echoes on Stage, the second part Chromie on Stage and encore).

[Contents of the recording]

Part 1: Echoes On Stage

Dinner With Friends
Lullaby For Y. Lullaby For Y.U.

- My Funny Valentaine
- My Funny Valentaine
- My Funny Valentaine Lullaby For Y.U.
- Marguarite
- My Funny Valentaine Fat Mama’s Samba
- Long Yellow Road My Funny Valentine
- Fat Mama’s Samba
- Long Yellow Road
- Caravan Caravan
Part 2: Chromie On Stage
Part 2: Chromie On Stage What a Wonderful World What a Wonderful World What a Wonderful World
Close To You
It Don’t Matter It Don't Mean A Thing
It Don't Mean A Thing if You Don't Swing
It Don't Mean A Thing if You Don't Swing It Don’t Mean A Thing
- It's All Right With Me
- It's All Right With Me
- It's All Right With Me September
L.O.V.E. (Love)


Swing Echoes Jazz Orchestra
Swing Echoes Jazz Orchestra Formed in 1967 by amateur musicians in Oita Prefecture, the Swing Echoes Jazz Orchestra is a jazz big band that will celebrate its 53rd anniversary in 2021. The orchestra has performed at live houses in Oita Prefecture and at many local events. The band has been actively involved in creating a cultural movement from the local area.

Chromie (Guest Vocal)
Born in Oita City. She started singing when she joined the chorus club at her junior high school and decided to pursue a career in vocal music. After attending Oita Prefectural Geijutsu Midorigaoka High School, she graduated from Oita Prefectural Junior College of Arts and Culture with a course in vocal music. After graduation, while continuing her activities, she encountered jazz and gradually became devoted to jazz vocals. She has appeared at live houses and events in and outside of Oita Prefecture, and has performed with many musicians. With the motto of pursuing her own musical expression in her daily life, she has been developing a wide range of activities that are not bound by genres or places.


Naonobu Kimoto, Band Leader of the Swing Echoes Jazz Orchestra
The Swing Echoes Jazz Orchestra Today's event is the 30th, and although we were worried about what might happen (due to the Corona disaster), we decided to take the plunge in the hopes of cheering everyone up.

This year, we will be playing some of the songs that have been well-received in the past, as well as some that have been well-received among the members.


Big band jazz has various charms. First of all, the ensemble. There is the contrast of sax, trombone and trumpet. There are drums, bass, and piano on that base, and it's like building a castle in terms of image. In addition, there is always an improvised solo in jazz. Each person has their own individuality, and jazz has a free world, which is very enjoyable.


There were many songs that I knew, so I felt comfortable. And I kept clapping my hands!

I listened to the solo part so much that I forgot to clap!

As well as the performance skills, I think the expression of the songs is wonderful. I'm glad I came!