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2020.11.15 classical music

Oita Archaeological Center|BVNGO NAMBAN -Nanban Culture Loved by Sorin- Opening Memorial Lecture and Memorial Concert "Opening Memorial Concert in Noh Theatre

Date October 10, 2020 (Sat)
venue Oita City Heiwa Civic Park Noh Raku Hall


In commemoration of the opening of the exhibition "BVNGO NAMBAN: The Nanban Culture Loved by Sorin" at the Oita Prefectural Archaeological Center for Natural Heritage, a commemorative lecture was given by a lecturer. In addition, a concert was held by the Tsugumi Kashinomi Boys and Girls Choir.

[Contents [Contents of the recording]
Oita Prefectural Art Midorigaoka High School "String Quartet"
The first movement of the "Divertimento" was performed by the Oita Prefectural Art Midorigaoka High School String Quartet. One movement of Divertimento (Mozart)
I am a Jasmine Flower (Vivaldi)
Passion Continent (Taro Hakase)
Tsukumi Kashinomi Boys and Girls Choir
O Virgin Mary, Star of the Dawn
From "The Tale of the Pony", "The Morning of the Child's Farewell" and "Your Future is Bright"
Song of Life
Fan Dance


Violin: Yanagisawa Otohana (3rd year)
Violin: Sakura Nii (2nd year)
Viola: Nana Hinaga (2nd year)
Cello: Shin-ichi Karashima (Teacher)
Tsukumi Kashi no Mi Boys and Girls Choir
 This year marks the 41st anniversary of the formation of the Kashi-no-Mi Boys and Girls Choir, which currently has about 90 members, and is involved in a number of performance and service activities each year, centering on the "Regular Concert" in May and the "Hora Hora Concert" in December.


They will perform four pieces, including Mozart's "Divertimento in One Movement". The four students have been gathering after school and have been practicing to coordinate their breathing, such as matching the breathing for the first entrance. The song that I want you to pay attention to is "Jounetsu Tairiku", which is a light-hearted song that everyone can enjoy listening to.

<Tsukumi Kashi no Mi Boys and Girls Choir>
Our motto is that our singing voice reaches people's hearts. This time, we have selected a piece of music related to Otomo Sorin, and we hope that by singing it, we in Tsukumi can convey the culture that Otomo Sorin loved.

I've never sung here before. This is the first time I've sung here, and I'd like to draw your attention to the Kashi no Mi Boys and Girls Choir's original fan dance, which has been passed down through the choir for over 20 years. I hope you will enjoy the flow of the fan with grace and pathos based on the traditional arts of Tsukumi.


I thought it was great.

I'm happy that chamber music is now being performed at the Noh Theatre because it has a great sound.